Benny Mistry

Associate Partner

tel: +45 9177 9800

Skype: benny.mistry


Highly experienced agronomist with over 20 years hands-on working experience in the sub-Saharan region. Specialised in Project Development & Implementation. Benny's experience includes:

  • In-depth access to “Backward integration” agro-industrial projects.

  • Supply Chain Management in Speciality crops: Oil Palm, Cocoa Beans, Cassava, and Natural-Rubber.

  • In collaboration with Nigerian Government, produced Blue print for Nigerian Export Promotion Council for export commodities.

  • Developed and implemented a 5000-ha Oil Palm Plantation in Nigeria (2013).

  • Through Precision Agriculture, provides intelligent agro solutions for all types of Tropical plantation crops.

  • Enhance 'agro-prenuers' to achieve and sustain attained goals. We believe working in partnerships to mitigate Food security issues in the Developing Economies.

  • Developed crop manual for Bhutanese Extension officers covering Legumes, Cereals and Vegetables.

  • Human resource training and capacity building.             

Benny holds a Master of Science in Agronomy from the University of Copenhagen and is working with Quercus Group on agricultural development projects with the mission to 'empowering the next generation".

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