Case: Bangladesh Sustainable Growth Study

Mapping the opportunities and possible strategies to forge more inclusive, greener and sustainable pathways for Bangladesh's growth .

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Bangladesh's development in the past decade is unparalleled, graduating to a lower-middle-income country, lifting millions from poverty. The impressive growth and progress trajectory stems from the increasing level of industrialization and the country’s increased participation in the global value chains, driven foremost by Ready-Made Garment industries. The efforts in increasing industrial activity have been often pursued at the expense of the environment and people.

Despite the graduation and also due to the increased industrial activities, Bangladesh faces today myriad complex challenges on economic, social, environmental, technological, political and institutional accounts, which risk to hamper achieving Bangladesh’s ambition of continuous graduation.

In this context, the new Bangladesh Strategic Framework (BSF) for the period 2021-2026 of the Royal Danish embassy in Dhaka envisages that Denmark’s partnership with Bangladesh will focus on forging that Bangladesh’s growth becomes more green, more inclusive and more socially responsible.

We informed the embassy’s strategy process through the ‘Bangladesh Green Growth Study’ identifying and mapping the effective need, demand and opportunities in Bangladesh for a Danish commercial engagement and available policy instruments. Together with the account of Bangladesh’s situation including barriers and  challenges, sector prospects and policy framework, provided the foundations of strategy recommendations and scenarios, which aimed to support the embassy’s strategy formulations.

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