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Connecting actors working with sustainable urban development in the pursuit of game-changing solutions to common issues confronting cities. 


Access Cities is an international, public-private project, which aims to strengthen sustainable urban development in five project cities: New York City, Singapore, Munich and the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. The project connects actors working with sustainable urban development in the pursuit of game-changing solutions to common issues confronting cities. Access Cities will develop innovative, viable and scalable responses to the most pressing sustainability challenges faced by global city hubs today and tomorrow – in collaboration and via the exchange of documented learnings within the sustainability space.

Access Cities is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and co-financed by the project partners: State of Green (project lead), the Confederation of Danish Industry, Quercus Group, Climate-KIC, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Aarhus.


We take a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approach (including anthropological) in tackling the specific city challenges and the respective co-created solutions. We identify key challenges in each of the markets by engaging challenge owners who could be government, businesses (particularly large enterprises), NGOs and others. From there, we reach out to our vast network to engage suitable Danish companies to solve the challenges or co-create solutions with local challenge owners, and where possible, drawing inspiration and learnings from the other Access Cities markets.  

The gamut of challenges we have been curating from the Singapore market are in the spaces of holistic urban planning, health & wellbeing, active mobility, green building, water, renewable energy, food, circular economy, and others. Details of the current challenges can be found here

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