Cluster Excellence Course for European Cluster Networks

55% of businesses participating in clusters increase innovation, 50% experience increased visibility and ability to attract qualified labout and 40% find new businesses to collaborate with through clustering.

However, many cluster organisations struggle to create stakeholder engagement, long term business models, membership models, internationalisation projects and financial models.


Quercus Group frequently trains cluster managers, public institutions and organisations in cluster development and cluster management. Our trainings are either tailormade for individual clusters or or generic for larger groups of stakeholders.

We have been privileged to work with some of the large European cluster consortia funded by EU’s COSME program. In these training sessions, which often span over 2 weeks or more, we experience that concrete solutions to member engagement, long-term business and membership models, activity scoping or stronger organisational setups appear through the combination of theory, case studies, exercises and facilitated interactive discussions between the participating clusters and our trainers.

“I have attended many courses since I started my professional career 22 years ago. Some I have forgotten, some were really good and made an impact in the way I work. But these five weeks, and especially the two weeks spent in Copenhagen, have helped me see things differently in my cluster, and, I am tempted to say, in my professional life as a whole. You have had the intelligence to create a space of continuous dialogue and sharing that has allowed everyone in the room to learn from the others, and you have shown a great ability to listen and to put yourselves in our shoes."

- Verónica Buey Cieslak, Manager for ICT Audiovisual Cluster, Madrid

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