The Canadian city of Hamilton has the perfect location for families looking to move out of the big city of Toronto. However, its building stock is outdated and in grave need of retrofitting. Can Nordic solutions be the key to unlock affordable and sustainable housing in Hamilton? 

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The world needs more coordination, collaboration and communication. Silo thinking and silo-organization is too prevalent. Knowledge gaps prevent funding from reaching solutions, and solutions from reaching the problems they can solve.

Founded in 2012, Quercus Group believes that the world needs more partnerships and more inclusion. We believe in co-creation, multi-stakeholder engagement and that the private sector has an indispensable role to play in helping planet and people.

From offices in Denmark, Kenya and India, Quercus Group has worked in more than 25 countries. We lead multi-stakeholder processes and projects, facilitate partnerships and dialogue, advise and train governments and organisations and connect companies to the markets where they are needed.

Quercus is Latin for oak. The tree symbolises long-term growth and development.


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Quercus Group operates worldwide. We have done projects in more than 25 countries and are engaged in the long term in markets such as Singapore, Kenya and East Africa, India, North America, Spain and Latin America.

Our approach to each market is tailor-made to the local business context, demands and culture. Adopting a holistic approach that encompasses a business and technology perspective, a multi-stakeholder engagement perspective and a capacity building and training perspective, we drive sustainable development in our markets by always adapting to local demands and balancing these three perspectives according to the market needs.


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