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Quercus Group is offering its expertise and advisory services for stakeholders looking to engage the Latin American markets.

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Latin America is the most urbanised region in the world, with around 80% of its almost 650 million people living in cities. The region's major economies are working to implement sustainable growth policies and shed dependency on commodity exports, in a paradigm shift that will attract international interest and investment. A growing middle class adds to the 'Latin American moment', as the region is emerging from crisis, committed to a sustainable and more inclusive future.  

Quercus Group is continuously engaged with local and Danish  stakeholders in the region to offer our expertise and to tap into opportunities within key areas such as clean energy, urban development, agribusiness and citizen engagement.


Latin America is turning a corner, emerging from six years of slowdown, even recession in some markets, and is expected to grow by 2.1 percent in 2018. Notably, Argentina and Brazil are back on track and Mexico as well as the Caribbean will keep growing. 

However, challenges remain before the region is firmly on a sustainable growth trajectory. These include developing the private sector and moving towards more diversified and innovative economies. In countries such as Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, reforms are being made to promote sustainable energy over fossil fuels and urban development that revolves around citizen needs and community values. For example, Chile's newly elected government has proposed transforming its energy grid to run entirely on renewable energy by 2040, while the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is working with its first ever 10-year plan for sustainable urban development.


Quercus Group is working in Latin America to help the region transition from dependency on commodity exports to a more diversified and innovative economy, which makes sustainable use of its vast natural resources. Through our services in consultancy, partnership development and capacity building, we will create regional economic growth that benefits all stakeholder groups, including businesses, the public sector, academia and civil society groups. 

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Niels Utoft Andersen

Niels is Advisor & Project Developer at Quercus Group, with a background in export promotion and intercultural business consultancy.

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We Offer

Quercus Group is offering its knowledge and expertise for both local as well as international stakeholders looking to be part of Latin America's ambitious development agendas.

Our insights and expertise apply to the entire region. However, we are focused in particular on the major, most promising economies, such as frontier markets like Argentina, the emerging market giant Brazil and the Alianza del Pacífico (Pacific Alliance) members of Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. We offer:   

For local stakeholders: 

  • Access to global knowledge and innovation networks

  • Danish solutions and expertise within urban development and clean energy

  • Capacity building for multi-stakeholder development

  • Citizen Engagement programmes for enhanced social cohesion and inclusive growth 

For international stakeholders:

  • Market insights and political analysis 

  • Stakeholder mappings and partner identification

  • Export promotion and go-to-market strategy

  • Private sector Community Engagement programmes for sustainable business impact and shared value 

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