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Urban Development

The UN estimates that more than two thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. 

More than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas. By 2050, that figure will have risen to two-thirds of all humanity. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we build and manage our urban spaces. So states the 10th Sustainable Development Goal of the UN.


With a dedicated and experienced staff of urbanisation professionals, we have involved ourselves in the complex challenges posed by a rising global urban population. By bringing a stakeholder-focused mindset and advocating for inclusive and collaborative process, we are taking on the challenges faced by not only our clients, but by all stakeholders affected by changing urban environment.



The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is dedicated to creating a world free from hunger and malnutrition.


Our background as professional and hands-on farmers with more than 40 years of experience gives us a deep understanding of the needs and mind-sets of stakeholders within the sector and allows for a very practical approach in our work.


There is a high market request and demand for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food production, as well as tried-and-tested storytelling.


We train and educate farmers – small or big – to reach the full potential in their food production. We define large agribusiness projects and advise on how to attract external investors, conduct feasibility studies and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes.



Cleantech is at the crossroads of industry, innovation, sustainability, connection and intelligent design.

Cleantech as a broad category encompasses a number of key sectors that are fundamental to our society's transition towards a clean and resilient world economy.

We build on the demonstrated capabilities of Danish design and innovation, providing access to innovative and sustainable solutions within sectors such as e.g. clean energy, waste and water management and climate change adaptation, in an effort to bring the best solutions to where they can do the most good.


We connect public, private and research organisations to facilitate knowledge and capability transfers and co-creation of innovative new solutions, while helping all parties to find business opportunities in the process.


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