Quercus Group's advisory offers the best within consultancy, partnership development and capacity building and training in combination with deep knowledge and extensive networks in our global markets.


Our consultancy services are based on thorough research, rigorous analytical methods and a dedication to turning complex challenges into tangible steps for development. These include:


  • Market Analysis

  • Stakeholder Analysis & Partner Identification

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Evaluations

  • Value Chain Optimisation

  • Multi-Stakeholder Strategy Process

Facilitation of Multi-Stakeholder Processes

  • Project Scoping & Development Processes

  • Strategy Development & Revitalisation Processes

  • Living Lab Development & International Collaboration

Project Development & Fundraising

  • Development of Multi-Stakeholder Projects (Public, Private, Academia, Civil Society)

  • Development of International Projects for Export Promotion, Investment Promotion & Cross-Border Innovation

  • Fundraising & Financing Models for Projects

Relevant Cases

Advising leading Danish industry organisations on the market opportunities within climate adaptation solutions in New York.

Analysing the value creation of the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab in a local, regional and national context.

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We use our creative conceptual thinking and extensive networks to forge long-term partnerships for lasting impact, across organisations, industries and borders. We offer:


Partnership Implementation

  • Forging Alliances within Sustainable Urbanisation, Agribusiness & the Clean Economy

  • Identification of Project Consortia & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Project Management & Secretariat Services for National and International Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

  • Internationalisation of Technology and Services in Partnerships


Business Model Development

  • Developing Business- Financial- Organisational and Membership Models for Private and Public-Private Organisations (Clusters, Living Labs, NGOs, BMOs)

Relevant Cases

​Connecting Danish SMEs with market opportunities within Smart City development in India.

Strategic partnerships for Danish-Singaporean Smart City development through international collaboration.

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Capacity Building

Our capacity building services, which are rooted in our tradition for multi-stakeholder management and cluster development, always take point of departure in the people we work with. These include:

Group Trainings & Tailor-Made Capacity Building

  • Public-Private-Partnerships

  • Cluster Development and Management

  • Green Growth & Green Business Models

  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement & Management

  • Smart City Development

  • Development of Business Membership Organizations

  • International Collaboration for Green Transition in Developing Economies

Relevant Cases

Creating Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC), Denmark's then largest cluster project for driving cleantech development.

Training clusters, cluster organisations and other networks across Europe.

Training and capacity building of Kenyan Counties for national green growth development. 

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