We support transformative organizations, companies and people across society addressing sustainability challenges and, through collaboration, setting course towards sustainable pathways. These two, change & collaboration, are the domains of Querucs Group's expertise and consultancy services. 

Transformation & Change

Where the emerging realities and future becomes increasingly complex and at the same time the current ways of addressing global and local challenges fail to adequately resolve them, we need to re-imagine, re-think and re-do - call it innovation if you like - , to close the gap and build a positive future.  We believe that it is possible. 

We care a lot about 'good' process. It turns out the biggest barriers to change, and what might be the strongest enablers of change is process. 

We help our clients navigating and addressing the complex challenges that the world, organizations and people face. Some clients ask for help with a particular step, others work with us through-out the change process. We are happy to do both.

Collaboration & Partnering

Quercus Group was founded on the experience and success stories of building and driving efforts with many minds and hands involved. Collaborating is at the heart of what we do. Collaboration in its various forms helps to understand the problem better, to find solutions that work, helps to make more informed and inclusive decisions, and gather richer learnings.


It is really not a secret anymore that complex challenges are best tackled in an integrated, cross-cutting and holistic manner. Collaboration helps to achieve it and opens up a wider horizon of possibilities for change, which most people find convincing.  However, it appears to be challenging for many to act this way. 


We help our  clients to operatenalize collaboration and spark activities across,  and among, multiple disciplines , across different sectors, across borders and different types of actors (public, private, third sector, civil society organisations).

We help you to


Understand & Situate

Challenge Definition. Ecosystem/Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis. Market Analysis. Feasibility Studies. Policy Analysis. Sensemaking. Action Research. SWOT. Organizational Diagnosis. System Mapping. Baseline Study. Context Analysis.

Plan & Strategize

Project Scoping. Process Strategy & Design. Strategic Intention. Strategy Development. Theory of Change. Sustainable and Inclusive Business Model. Partnership & Engagement Plan. Fundraising & Financing Models.


Mobilize & Orchestrate

Building Coalitions. Cluster Development. Creative Facilitation & Moderation. International Partnerships. Creative Workshops. Stakeholder & Citizen Engagement. (On-the-ground) Project Management. Multi-Stakeholder Process. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) & Private-Public-Community Partnerships (PPCP).

Accelerate & Generate

Co-Creation. Open Innovation. Innovation Procurement. Living Labs. Accelerators. Innovation Labs. Hackathons. Alternative Financing. Innovation Brokerage. Organizational Change. Value Chain Development. Export Promotion.Technology Diffusion. 

Learn & Evaluate

Capacity Building. Innovation Learning. Monitoring & Evaluation.  

What are the sectors, topics and
areas we are working with? 

The Quercus Group team brings together expertise, experience and knowledge of a wide variety of sectors, topics and areas. Our work is fundamentally interdisciplinary. We are driven by our client's challenge. 

Of course, we do have our darlings and comprehensive expertise. Our darlings are sustainable urban development and agribusiness. We have been and are happy to work with other areas or topics, too. Where we lack deep topic insight, we take our own medicine and collaborate, e.g. pooling experts from our international network. 

Learn more about the areas we are working with. 

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