Playing with the DOLL

May 21, 2015

Sensors, LEDs, smartphones, creativity and a lot of room for improvement - if it sounds like a teenage IT passionate weekend experiment, it is not. It is, actually, the path towards sustainable and smart street lighting.


We present you one of our partners, DOLL- standing for “Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab”.

This dynamic project is conceived carrying in mind the wish for a transition of public illumination from old fashioned 1970’s lightbulbs to LED, a promising technology which can lead to major public expenditure on energy.  The project is operated from Gate 21, a public - private partnership between public authorities, companies and research institutions, located in Albertslund-Denmark, aiming for a sustainable society and green business development.


Quercus Group has the privilege to be supporting Gate 21 and more than other 20 Danish and Swedish partners in realizing the ambition of turning the Øresund Region to be a “Lighting Metropolis”. That equals a world leading cluster for intelligent and sustainable indoor and outdoor lighting.


The DOLL project comprises three laboratories:


•    The Quality Lab - located at The Technical University of Denmark’s (DTU) Photonics department in Roskilde - a high-tech laboratory at The Technical University of Denmark with facilities and equipment to test and characterize all aspects of artificial light from illuminates and lighting fixtures.  

•  The Virtual Lab - also located at DTU Photonics in Roskilde can test, develop, and validate light solutions virtually generated in 3D. Therefore, luminaire manufacturers, contractors, and public decision-makers can use the laboratory for developing and implementing luminaires and lighting solutions.

•    The Living Lab - an innovative and ambitious permanent innovative light technology exhibition, located in Hersted Industrial Park, Albertslund. Manufacturers and suppliers set up and test outdoor lighting solutions on a 1:1 scale on 9,2 kilometers of road and pathways and the light is controlled from a centrally-placed control center. Living Lab applies to companies that work with lighting, intelligent controlling and Smart City solutions. This gives decision-makers a better foundation for choosing and buying the right fixtures and lighting solutions.


With street lamps accounting for about 6 percent of the globe’s energy output and greenhouse gas emissions, DOLL’s holistic view aims to support the increasing global need and desire for sustainable public investments, and also carbon free municipalities. LED technology seems to be the solution for increased quality and significant cost cuts.  The Led lightbulbs have a wider spectrum of colors, have a longer life span, and are very compatible with digital technologies.


Furthermore, a European Union Report mentions that energy savings from more effective street and office lighting for the period 2009-2020 could be in the magnitude of 38 TWh.

Through such initiatives local municipalities are encouraged to share best practices in order to find efficient solutions for the sake of tomorrow. DOLL’s purpose and results so far support Copenhagen’s 2025 carbon neutrality goal and confirm the Danish active wish and open environment for sustainable green technological innovation, carrying in mind the wider vision of simultaneous human and environmental well-being. 

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