SERIES: Investment opportunities in Kenya | Busia County

June 3, 2015


How is Busia special among Kenyan‘s 47 counties?


Busia might not ring a bell to many people as it is a small county in the Western part of Kenya, just on top of the Lake Victoria. The small county has an extremely well positioned location for trade between Uganda and Kenya, it is in the vicinity of the Lake Victoria and has homogenous climate. Each one of these elements has an impact on the investment opportunities in the county and its long term development plans.


Positioned at the crossroads

Kenya has 40% of the exports to Uganda, which positions two of Busia’s cities as the gateway to East and Central Africa. Malaba and Busia registered in 2014 the highest cross-border transaction in East Africa. With more than 600 trucks crossing daily at Malaba, from Kenya to Uganda, the business opportunities for establishing a transportation hub are not only extremely high, but of utmost importance to facilitate even more growth.


Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world so its impact cannot pass unnoticed on the Busia’s development. The touristic potential in the area is untapped yet and opportunities exist around water sports and touristic lake resorts. Furthermore, the lake offers great means of transportation by ferry between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, connecting them for touristic and economic purposes. Also, the many lakes led to a growth of the fishing industry. It has very high potential and demands investments in fish ponds and cooling plants which would allow the locals to export more of the production.


Agriculture opportunities

As in any African country, agriculture represents an untapped domain, with high potential for economical development. The key agricultural areas on which Busia relays are rice (with about 1 mil tonnes production capacity in Bunyala), cassava, millet, beans, sweet potatoes and maize.


Local context

The key elements mentioned above are only some of the investment opportunities in Busia. “Apart from the many needs and investment opportunities that can be translated into business circumstances for EU companies, Busia is simply a beautiful place, with green landscape and wonderful people. They have a young local Government which makes anyone feel at home and welcomes any foreigner with open arms and incentives.” said Mariam Njoroge, Quercus Group representative in Nairobi, after a visit in the county.


The government is very open to collaborate and offers tremendous facilities to investors as long as there is a sustainable and equitable development for the people.  An innovative and sustainable approach, high standards, and long term investments are some of the things that the Government is looking for. After all, the government needs all the possible allies it can get, as there are still major challenges that Africa is confronting such as poverty or inadequate access to education and basic governmental services.


We will continue our series of articles about investment opportunities in Kenya with Baringo County, meanwhile do not hesitate to get in touch if you need some local expertise in Kenya.

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