Funding secured for the Lighting Metropolis project

July 17, 2015


The Lighting Metropolis project has the potential to be the largest project in Denmark’s history.  This initiative will position Denmark and Sweden as global leaders in the photonics industry.


In March 2015, Quercus Group had the privilege of supporting Gate 21 and a number of other Swedish and Danish partners secure 7 million euros of funding from the EU Interreg for the purpose of creating a ‘Lighting Metropolis’ in the Øresund region.

What is the Lighting Metropolis project?

The Lighting Metropolis project aims to turn the Øresund Region into an internationally recognized Living Lab and global leader for smart urban lighting.  The project will connect the Living Labs across the Øresund region, will encourage cross-collaboration between Denmark and Sweden, and will open up urban spaces for the best examples of smart urban lighting in the world. This will build towards the end goal of this project to create more livable and greener cities.

The Challenge
The photonics industry offers city planners many opportunities. New technologies in lighting can support greater safety and can create public spaces with longer ‘opening hours’. Investments in lighting also affect other ICT infrastructure in the city such as routers, connecting sensors, intelligent control systems, and traffic systems. Nevertheless navigating through such infrastructure projects can be quite complex. Lack of knowledge about the various technologies available can make effective long-term planning difficult. Currently, these valuable sources of knowledge are dispersed across the world. Essentially the Lighting Metropolis project will gather them in the Øresund region and will create a hub for the photonics industry.


Triple Helix Platform
The platform is a sub-project aimed at bringing together Swedish and Danish competencies and all sectors players into one platform. As a whole the Øresund region has strong capabilities within lighting, with both Denmark and Sweden having differing expertise. On one hand, Sweden has strong competencies within lighting design, indoor lighting, and the functionality of lighting. On the other hand, Denmark has an aptitude for strong outdoor lighting, LED and smart urban lighting technologies.

More about the project

The project will support the development of common test labs that will exhibit potential solutions. This is planned to help cities make the best decision in terms of lighting infrastructure both for the well being of their citizens and for making sound investments.


The promotion of sustainable solutions is also an important aspect of the project. Through test, analysis, consulting, life cycle assessment and other tools the project aims to support the greening of lighting infrastructure. Furthermore, the lighting metropolis hub will facilitate knowledge transfer and through this will strengthen research, education and innovative learning both within and outside the Øresund region.


Another key aspect of the Lighting Metropolis is positioning Denmark and Sweden as a leading hub within the lighting industry. The project provides significant opportunities for internationalization of companies and promotion of investments withing the region and world wide. The synergistic effects of the project promote a higher level of interconnectedness, economic growth, employment, and market insights within the lighting industry.


More information can also be found here.

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