The need of a healthy foundation in cluster development

October 29, 2015



The foundation behind growing a cluster determines its success and its relevance for the cluster’s members and other stakeholders. There is a higher need in the industry of a practical approach.



During October 22-24, Quercus Group CEO, Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll, was in Romania for Days of Clusters conference. During the event he met with other European practitioners and held a talk about sustainably growing a cluster within creative industries.

Based on previous Quercus Group projects, the way a cluster is established determines 60% of its success. Is there an organic need of a cluster? Are the stakeholders involved and considered in the process? What is the local and international context of the industry and how is that an opportunity or a challenge? These are all questions that Quercus Group helps clusters with for their strategy development stage.


Building on that, Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll, offered a keynote during Days of Clusters on his experience in supporting Interactive Denmark – a cluster that covers the digital interactive industry in Denmark, in their positioning and strategy development.


What happens at each event is that people need concrete examples of cluster development from practitioners who were actually involved in the process. Nowadays there is tremendous access to the theories behind it, so there is an acute need of a hands-on approach which I was glad to deliver.” - Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll


Days of Clusters was a three days event held in Brasov, Romania and gathered cluster representatives and professionals from 24 countries. The event strengthened the Balkan and Black Sea clusters synergy through public-private dialogue and regional cluster best practices.

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