Busia County Delegation visits Denmark for aquaculture development

May 4, 2016


From 11th to the 15th of April, Quercus Group welcomed a delegation of seven Busia County representatives to learn from Danish solutions in the field of aquaculture development and agribusiness.


Due to the strategic location of Busia County in the proximity of Lake Victoria, the main objective of the study strip was to make Busia town an industrious border town by focusing on aquaculture development, transport and warehousing solutions, and agribusiness opportunities that could provide economic development and job opportunities.


The seven guests included representatives of the county’s Committee for Planning, Trade, Cooperative and Industrialization, Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Resources, and Bunyala Fisheries Cooperative Society. Their four-days trip included visits to Musholm, Aller Aqua, Høje Taastrup Transport Centre, and Kalundbørg Symbiosis. To accelerate the knowledge sharing, various workshops with companies such as CT Technologies, Hvalpsund Net, Akva Group and IFU, were included in the schedule.


At the end of the trip, Mr. James Akedi, Chief Officer, Office of the Deputy Governor, County Government of Busia, mentioned:


As a county, we knew the potential in aquaculture, but it has never been as clear as it is now in regard to the fish farmers. Technology and major collaborations can take our county to be a major global player.




Busia’ s proximity to the Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in the world, contributed to the economic growth of the county. This stimulated the fish production, which is currently one of the main economic sectors of the county, next to livestock and crop farming.  At the same time, the intense activity has led to the lake’s depletion of fish, a situation that asks for modern solutions and advanced technologies to help the fishing sector. Busia County has very high economic potential, but there is also a need for investments in fishponds and cooling plants, which would allow the locals to fish responsibly and increase the export to neighbouring countries.


The guests were surprised by the technological and innovative advancements of Danish parties in relation to aquaculture. Some of the project’s takeaways were the importance of establishing public private partnerships with viable business models, giving key stakeholders more ownership of projects and encouraging cross-institutional collaborations.


Quercus Group organises business delegations and facilitates international partnerships. If you would like to talk more about it, do not hesitate to contact us at info@quercus-group.com .


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