Discussing Best and Relevant Solutions for Waste Management Challenges in India

February 22, 2017

The Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (HPSPCB) invited our partner, Neelabh Singh, for two workshops on waste management that were held on 28th January and 1st February 2017.


The first day of the workshop was held in the twin tourist cities of Kullu and Manali that together generate municipal waste up to 30 MT/day in tourist season and about 10 MT/day in the off-season period. The sudden surge during the tourist season poses a huge problem for the local administration with their current dumpsites being saturated. As the keynote speaker, Neelabh highlighted the importance of proper separation from source to disposal as a key contributor in successfully tackling the waste management problems and enhancing resource recovery. Various technologies were discussed and it was concluded to conduct a feasibility study to decide on the best course of action and the optimal solution.


The second day of the workshop discussed about the hazardous waste in the industrial town of Baddi, which is the largest pharmaceutical hub in Asia. The city generates sizeable amounts of untreated hazardous waste, mainly from the unorganised MSME sector of the city. This has created an environmental emergency for the city.

To date, waste management is a much-neglected sector in India, thus leading to serious environmental and health problems. The situation may be considered an emergency. India’s central government realises this and has launched massive initiatives such as the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign, also known as the “Clean India Mission”.


This campaign along with many other urbanisation programs provide massive opportunities for Danish companies, which can contribute to alleviating some of India’s waste management challenges by sharing knowledge, technologies and methodologies such as Industrial Symbiosis (the Kalundborg model) and many other solutions.


With the engagement of Quercus Group in Himachal Pradesh’s waste management program, the company has obtained a strong foothold in accessing the right stakeholders and bringing Danish solutions to contribute to the waste management challenges in India.


For further information and in case of interest in participating in these projects please contact Neelabh Singh at neelabh@quercus-group.com

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