Businesses Clearly Benefit from Cluster Participation

April 7, 2017

Large scale survey of Danish companies confirms the many positive effects of participating in clusters


55 % of businesses that participate in clusters innovate because of their participation. That is one of the findings of a new survey confirming the added value that clusters can bring.


Quercus Group knows that being a part of a cluster yields many benefits for businesses. In order to dig into these benefits for the many businesses active in clusters in Denmark, the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Research have conducted a survey that asked Danish companies that are active in cluster organizations to weigh in on their experiences.


888 businesses were surveyed in total, representing 42 clusters from across the country.


Some main findings were:

  • More than half report having gained new relevant knowledge related to market- and technological developments

  • 65% of the businesses think that their cluster heightens the level of knowledge and technology within their sector


A platform for collaboration and branding

One of the key advertised appeals of cluster participation, besides increased innovation and new knowledge, is an opportunity to form new partnerships and collaborations. The survey found support for this notion. Approximately half of the businesses report collaborating with other businesses in the cluster, and 40% have through the cluster found new businesses that they collaborate with.


About half of the businesses experienced, or expected to experience, increased visibility through their cluster. The same number reported of getting more contact requests from potential customers, suppliers and partners as a result of participating in the cluster.

Moreover, about half the businesses say that their cluster contributes to making their sector more attractive for qualified employees.


More participation yields more benefits

The survey also found that the benefits for businesses of participating in a cluster increase with the level of activities they engage in. For example, businesses that have participated in three or more activities were twice as likely to report of increased innovation capabilities and knowledge levels, and three times as likely to have innovated in the form of new products or processes.


Read the full report here (in Danish):



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