Dynamic Cluster Training for Cluster Managers

August 9, 2017

Many cluster managers, facilitators and practitioners strive to continuously create value for their cluster members, as the environment within and without the cluster continues to change. Consequently, skills and knowledge improvement is a necessity, as well as getting the opportunity to share experiences and learnings with fellow cluster managers.


Through our cluster training sessions in the last couple of months, we have had the honor of training different European cluster consortiums such as CECIL, ECRI and INNO-DROP, which are funded under the EU COSME project. The CECIL training took place in Copenhagen over a period of 2 weeks, INNO-DROP consortium was a one-day training, while ECRI cluster training was held in Mallorca and the next one will be held in Athens in September.


The main objective of these cluster training workshops is to equip the cluster managers with knowledge and practical tools to drive cluster excellence and provide top professional support services in their clusters. The trainings covered diverse and comprehensive topics that included cluster mapping and analysis, business model diagnosis & innovation, cluster economics & financial models, cluster strategy & business models, stakeholder engagement & membership models among others.


The trainings combined theory and practical cases and the various working sessions enabled the participants to reflect on their clusters, share with others and hold discussions with the trainers.



To provide this Cluster training opportunity to many other cluster managers, facilitators and practitioners, Quercus Group together with our partner, Oxford Research, will be facilitating an International Cluster Course in Copenhagen on 26th to 27th October 2017. Find more details here.


For more information contact Misha Njeri Madsen at +45 3148 2353 or misha@quercus-group.com. For registration, contact Kristine Kryger at kkr@oxfordresearch.dk or +45 3147 1424.

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